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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A new beninning

Last night was the 1st service of Catalyst and it was incredible!  Months of praying, fasting, planning and seeking God became well worth the investment!  He is so incredible! His strategic plan unveiled.  How amazing it was to see 109 faces and not all were familiar!  That is is whole point! To reach the unchurched and show them that God too has a strategic plan for their life.
For those reading, you must know by now how much I believe in the power of prayer in numbers. I would ask you to pray for those in Gaston county and the surrounding counties, who are lost in this world, who have left church for whatever reason, who are looking for something more in this life, that they would find Catalyst.  I pray right now and call them in from the North, East, South and West in the name of Jesus. I want to see the addicted, depressed, homosexual, abused & homeless find the love of Christ. Father I pray that through your Spirit you would draw them in.  Equip us with the knowledge and wisdom of You. The volunteers to love on these people and share their transformation in You.  I ask even greater than I can imagine or put into words. God you are Holy and I am looking to You for the unimaginable!


Abundance is...
an incredible God who answers prayers, a wonderful church home that supports us in the vision God has placed in us, a warm place to have Catalyst, an incredible Pastor and associate Pastor, gift cards to Bi-lo to pay the grocery bill, warm spiced chai tea, fuzzy pink socks, comfort, security.... My God is so GREAT!

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  1. Just wondering if you are ok with me linking your blogs to mine? Thanks for your encouraging words! ;)