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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hope in the form of a cross...

Sometimes it is the little things that we miss in this life. Wether it is a rainbow, or symbol of Christ, or even a cloud. I have been reading in Exodus about the people living by the physical signs from God... they stayed inside when the cloud was over them and the fire by night was their guide. How incredible was it to have that sign, but how easy would it be to miss that? Yes! miss a cloud that was made for you or a burning bush! I tend to be so routine in everything I do... like where I park at the mall and what entrance I use as to what bathroom stall I choose in public places.. never the 1st one because that is the 1st one people enter... right? I find my self living with "horse blinders" on and I don't even look up to see what is beside me or even what color the sky is.
Today I went for an ultrasound just to make sure that all the major female parts look good and to check for anything extra that may abnormally grow there. I had a peace about it and even thought to myself, "she will tell me everything looks good." Then I had a split thought of, "well if they did see something what would my reaction be?" I asked God to prepare me for that if it was to become an issue. And of course He did... well I guess you could say that I wasn't faced with an abnormality. Vicki, the sweet ultrasound tech said "well here is" this and that and "these look like chocolate chip cookies and that's normal". Normal... good words to hear, although I never doubted that I wouldn't hear it. Just the thought of how would I react if something really was abnormal.
So back to signs... last month I kept seeing rainbows. Yes rainbows! I know your thinking I have see those in the past, what is the big deal. To me it seems that I always see rainbows when I am looking to God for an answer and it seem to be His way of saying, "I am still here and I will keep my promise." But today He sent a cross. Yes, the sweet u/s tech wore a cross around her neck. Not a peace sign or cute diamond pendant, a CROSS! So once again, since I prayed that He would show me that He was with me today in the u/s room, He sent this sweet lady with a cross to do the u/s.
It may sound simple to you and benign, but when I need an answer or want to know God is near, He always shows up in the smallest detail. He truely cares about the details.
My sweet niece Adrianna sends me a Bible verse every day via text. I love them I think it is the neatest thing that my 15 y.o. Adrianna is thinking about God every morning. I have no Idea where she gets her reference every morning, but to day she sent me John 14:27 "I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid."
Before sweet Vicki left the room she said, "I can't wait until one day we are looking at your baby on that screen, it will happen." Then she walked out and as I was getting dressed once the u/s was done, I looked at the u/s machine and saw my name on the top left with my MD name... you know the way the u/s looks when you get the first look at your baby. I could have just cried a happy tear! No,there was nothing on the screen and definately nothing in my uterus in the pictures laying next to the machine. But a feeling of peace and hope.
So I encourage you to look around and ask God to show you He is there. I am sure He will show up. He cares about the details that mean something to you and me.

Abundance is... peace in the valley today...meeting a sweet lady named Vicki with a cross necklace,3 beautiful tenage girls (She had pictures in her room, you know how I am with pictures), and a hopeful spirit about her. Perfect results from the u/s today. And a wonderful weekend ahead!

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  1. I loved reading this! So awesome how God speaks to us in those precious moments and reminds me of His promises and His goodness. :-)