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Monday, February 8, 2010

Connecting with my girls

So with all the business that life brings I miss connecting with my girlfriends. Over the past several years several have moved away to a different states, others have become career women, wives and mommies. I miss all the contact that I once had with each of them and living in the reality that I can't see everyone of them when I think about them makes me sad. So I have been thinking of inviting you all to join me every Thursday night for a "girls crash night". I need ideas on how we can all meet at one time online. I know there has to be a free site that would allow us to see one another all at once and chat. Any ideas? I'm thinking like 30-45 min of a topic discussion. I can throw a word out there on Wed and you ponder on it then we can talk about the word {Grace}. Or a scripture ref and you look it up and then we'll discuss how it is the living Word to us that day. Or maybe the book "crazy love" maybe we can take it a chapter a week and talk about it and how it has made us think about how luke warm we are as Christians. If you guys want to go through a book together I'm up for that. Maybe a book in the Bible or a "man written" book that has drawn you closer to Him that you would like to share.
Brain storm and give me your ideas. I want to know your ideas and get your creative thoughts.??? thoughts??? ideas??? I want to chat about God and how He is orchestrating your every foot step. I look forward to this year reflecting Him every day. I want to see what He is doing in your life and in your families.


{G} {Jen} {Jenny} {Jennifer}

Abundance is a warm home that I don't have to worry about the mortgage payment because God truly cares about us, Food in my pantry {I can go in there and have what I am craving anytime}, A soft pillow that is my own, a wonderful God who cares about every detail I have listed above because He has given them to me!


  1. Here's the deal gals click on the "you are next link and enter in your thoughts and ideas about G.O.D. Do you even like that name? Any other ideas are welcome. All ladies welcome!

  2. Hey Girl! If it's easier you can just email me. or if it's about my work stuff it would be better to do Can't wait to hear from you!

  3. Well I guess if I have any girlfriends they are not leaving love comments on any ideas ;) Help me out girls lets brain storm how we can connect just 30 min out of the week or every 2 weeks?