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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday.... oh yeah it was the super bowl too!

So I'm not much of a foot ball fan, but I have given it a good shot over the past 11 years that I have known my husband. He will tell you, it just doesn't interest me who won the super bowl because in 10 years from now... who will care. So Enough of that... I love the parties that come with it! Tonight we watched the game at Kayla's house. Her wonderful parents let all 20 of us invade their living room and shout and scream at the tv. We stuffed ourselves with bbq, cheese dip, buffalo chicken dip, fun-fetti sugar cookies, and EVERYTHING chocolate! It was a lot of fun because I was surrounded by an awesome group of my favorite people. Yes, Hannah you are one of them ;P
So off to home to see our doozles and spend some time with them and daddy. He will be going to training for the week with his new job and I have a few friends lined up for girls nights every night! So while the Hubby is away the girls will play! I already miss him and he is still sitting beside me. I have to say he is the truest and best friend I have ever had.
Well enough of the mushy stuff...

Abundance is... spending time with wonderful friends who make sure everyone is happy, a hubby to be with, An awesome Pastor that hears God and shares His heart to us every chance he can, the best soon-to-be sister in law

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