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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday fushia hues

Can the week possibly last any longer?  I feel like everything this morning is in slow motion. Have you ever felt that way?  I truthfully don't feel like thinking today. I hasn't been a bad week, just long.
I am looking forward to tonight, It's girls night with my 2 best friends. We mark on our calendars to meet once a month and I am so glad is worked out to be tonight. I prayed 3 or 4 years for girl friends that I could confide in and have "true friends", that's when God brought me these 2 wonderful angels. So tonight we are hanging out at my house and preparing for a shower on Saturday for Natalie, my God-sister. She is getting married on 3/13/10 to a great guy and we are so excited for her!
I will post pictures of the cooking frendzy of tonight and all the goodies we have in store for Natalie! Everything is black white and fushia! You guessed it this is her colors. I have thrown in a twist of chandelier theme to go with her damask black and white theme and it is so cute. She will be thrilled to see it all come together!

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