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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Natalie's Night Out!

Saturday night was Natalie's night, and boy did we have fun!  She was all shades of red by the end of it all!  We had a huge turn out which I had worried about because the invite said regrets only and I received 3 regrets so that made me nervous. I kept praying that everyone received their invite in the mail... and they did! It was like a bus stopped by and dropped them all off!
The party started at 5 and boy was it alive! he he!  I had a blast with the chandelier and damask theme + hot pink accents!  The Bride, Natalie,  was gorgeous! One thing is for sure she left with a new panty wardrobe and a ton of sassy lingerie! Everything from polk-a-dots to paisley! She had a great time and I think everyone else did too. They all stayed until about 7:15!  I was pleased! You never know if people will get bored and leave, that is my fear at parties.
This is a picture of the wedding dresses we designed for our model brides. It was a cute and fun way to show everyone's creative side!
I was also please with a few new recipes that were a huge hit!  I will post those on here for you guys to snatch. I received so many compliments on the food, which was a relief when you try out new foods. I posted earlier that Autumn and Cassie came over last week to help me prepare so I am not taking all the credit!  We had a blast learning new recipes.

So at the shower we had a panty line... let me explain...  I found this on a website and it had a poem to explain 8 pairs of panties to last the bride her whole life through. I will post our pics and the poem to explain more. Everyone loved the panties hung on the mantle! It was a hit too!
After the shower a few of us took the Bride to Mickey and Mooch, a wonderful restaurant in Lake Norman. We crowned her with a tiara of novelties that she actually had a hand in making for me when I married!  Except the "balloons" were deflated by now. lol  She enjoyed a filet and green beans and mashed potatoes. I split the salmon and a salad with hot honey bacon dressing!  Fattening yes but  oh so good!
We then made our way back to my house for everything chocolate!  Chocolate Latte Punch! Cheese cake balls cavered in white chocolate and heavenly brownie dessert!  Can I tell you now... UM!  We ended our night with one more game and called it a night after some girl talk.

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