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Friday, February 5, 2010

Where did the week go?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you turn around and say "wow where did the week go?" Well this week has been one of those weeks! I'm not sure what I did with the week... I mean it felt productive? Oh well, now on to the SECOND week in Feb! How can that be?...
I wanted to post some fun video's of us acting like we were 10 last weekend and honestly I have been doing something....? I will get them on here hopefully this weekend. In the mean time, you would really think it was a full moon tonight! Work has been insanely crazy this week and when it is like this we typically have a full moon. People are calling for the silliest things... we just have to laugh to keep from crying. I think all this rain and snow has given everyone chest pain with their cabin fever! Or at least made them stir crazy! {chuckle}
So as it is pouring rain today I am reminded of how my Father pours out His blessings on me. Jonathan started a new job this week. As with any job it is uncertain how it will turn out. He will be working on 100% commission. I have faith in him... he could sell ice to an eskimo! If he needed it! That's what I love about him, He is no where near pushy.
And so my crazy Friday continues... back to the chest pain phone calls!

Abundance is.... job security thanks to Obama stressing everyone out, wonderful friends to have dinner with tonight, an incredible hubby to come home to and 2 furry babies who brighten even the craziest of Fridays!

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