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Monday, February 15, 2010

In the waiting

Many of us have been in the waiting. Many of us feel alone during that time, but the truth is we are never alone. Yes, God is with us, but others have either been there or are going through the same thing at the very moment you are. I realized this tonight when I had dinner with a wonderful friend.  I have passed by her at church and have wanted to reconnect, but never "set a date" to hang out. Finally we made a date and hung out.
It has been several years since her and I have sat down to get to know one another again and I was worried about what we would even talk about. She expressed the same concern to her husband as she confessed to me tonight. What were we thinking? I was natural to strike a conversation. We chatted the entire time!  It was good to get to know her again instead of being a spectator on the outside looking in.
We picked up where we left off, which was nice and relieving at the same time.  I found out how her "waiting period" was going and boy we are so similar in our walk right now it is crazy. We were completing one another's sentences with how we feel about the "waiting" period.   It was so nice to have someone who was feeling and thinking the same things I have been thinking!
You know I believe God crossed our path for this season. We need each other to hold each other up in prayer. To listen to one another's burdens. To learn how to trust God with this delicate part of our lives.
I needed tonight. It was good for my soul. I'm not alone in my thoughts and feelings. I'm not the only one "in the waiting".

Abundance is... great friends to share life with, a great job with benefits, my comfy white robe that is slowly getting holes in it due to overuse. My monday night dates with my hubby watching 24!


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