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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday J!!!

Today is J's 29th B-day and we have a full agenda. We are both working today and so his dad is meeting him for lunch at O'Charlies and his mom is making dinner for us before church tonight. I have ordered a panthers sheet cake from Sam's {YummY!} I accidentally ordered a full sheet that feeds 50 people! Oops! I plan on serving it tonight in Fills'. Whew I am pooped just thinking about all we have to do in 4 hours! Oh well, It's my crazy life and I love it!

Random facts about me:
(I was sharing this with a friend today and just thought I would post it)

I love the colors purple, aqua and green. I will take them alone or in any combo. I shy away from the color blue.

Friday is always date night for J and I. Sometime we go out and other times we hang out in our hot tub... no worries it is the temp of a pool ;) That was def. our best investment on our 2nd anniv.! It is like having a vacation get away on our back deck.

Saturday... My favorite day of the week because I get to sleep in! I am very much a night owl. This Sat I am having lunch with my God-sister, Natalie. She is a newly wed and they are so cute in trying to figure all of this out. She is a little mini-Me. Come to think of it we are to meet at Panera and I think I am Panera'd out! Although the BB soup was really good.

I may have a photoshoot on Saturday afternoon. Not sure. It's newborn pics of a RN's newbie that I met as a patient of mine when she was 6 mo pregnant. I think she knows Mere too. It took them 16 mo. to conceive their 1st and this was #2 for them. So we will see on that.

I love taking pics of anything that will fit into the frame of my camera! Did you know that? Check me out! It's my online stash or portfolio as some call it.

I am extremely organized at work, but at home I am too pooped to keep it all together. That has just came about in the past year. We get behind on laundry and it just snuggles in the basket until it is worn. I promised myself that I would NEVER live like that. Oh it is aweful! So I can see some cleaning this weekend for sure! Especially with the house up for sale.

Sunday I plan on doing some studying of the Word and see what God would have me share next Wed. to Envoy. {college/career age} They are so hungry for God, yet to spoiled. So we will see what comes out.

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  1. Happy weekend sweet friend :) Continue being good to yourself and know that I pray for you always.