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Monday, June 14, 2010

What do Spaghetti and Schizophrenia have in common?

Scatterbrained, Spaghetti & Schizophrenia:
My crazy flight of unfocused ideas on a
Monday while running on auto pilot

Oh I have to tell you about a couple we met over the weekend...

Geeze I have 7 messages on my VM...

Ok I have to complete the schedule for tomorrow....

Seriously I have to call these patients...

This gum is getting old...

It is hot in here, did I hear someone say the AC is broken?...

This has been my thought pattern all day!  I am driving myself crazy. I have gotten nothing done. You know when your house is upside down after Christmas and all the decor needs to go back up in the attic and you have so much to do and don't know where to start? Yeah that's me except it's not Christmas and the list really isn't that long. I really need a cigarette! Just kidding I have never smoked a day in my life, as you can tell I am delirious, or maybe I meant hilarious.
 The MD I work with called from the "horse pistol" {hospital} and asked how I was doing? He and His wife went through this whole process 7 years ago so that helps. I told him that I was having a hard time concentrating.  In his usual joking manner he offered me a beer, just for a laugh! He knows I hate alcohol, but he said if I change my mind he will go get me one. He wants us to have kids so bad. You can tell he has been in our shoes.  The one thing he told me was to never assume that J understands what I am feeling. He admits that he never did understand C. He spoke of it as {stepping in land minds} when he had flipped the wrong button for C.  I like the way he explained it all though... he called them hurdles.  "Just look at them as hurdles Jen, then when they become brick walls... just start digging under them."  When he first put it that way I thought "I can do hurdles" my mind wouldn't let me even go near a brick wall. 
They had male and female infertility factor so they tried 2 IUIs and decided to go for the IVF 3 times and they have twin girls and one little queen bee to show for it. 
C told me in the beginning...{It will happen}
When I can't see through the fog, I just say it over and over {It Will Happen!}  
I am tired from the mind race and hormones screwing with my emotions.
A blog friend Andrea said yesterday how very tired she was,
I really understand what she means.
I need a nap!


Abundance is... that I am not a hospital floor nurse today with kiddos and parents looking to me for their meds or needs to be met, a loving husband who is always a phone or email away, great co-workers who bear with me through this journey with their support and prayers. Sigh it's been a long week and it is just Monday!

What do Spaghetti and Schizophrenia have in common?
Have you heard of the book "women are like spaghetti and men are like waffles"?
Or something like that, I have never read it, but it was explained to me as:
Well the spaghetti idea is that our {women} brains are like the noodles and we have one thought that is next to a million other thoughts and so therefor we can have a billion and one thoughts all at the same time. {whew} that wore me out! So that's how I pulled in the schizophrenia. Google that one if you need to.  ;)

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